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Getting Started

Photo Helper helps you take better pictures by providing camera settings recommendations according to the specific photo you want to take. You can also manually adjust the settings to understand the effect of different combinations.

To use Photo Helper:

  1. Preparation. In the "Settings" area, select the camera and lens that will be used for the photo. Make sure you enter the actual lens size (the app calculates the 35mm equivalent). Also, select the type of units you are most comfortable with (feet or meters).
  2. Switch to the "Photo" area and use the "Lighting Conditions" area to select the amount of light you have in your photo. Notice how the "Exposure Value" number changes as you select different indoor or outdoor environments.
  3. Describe the subject of your photo in the "Subject" area using the "Focus", "Distance" and "Motion" rollers. Tap "Save" to apply your selections and return to the main screen.
  4. The "Get Recommendations" area will already have suggested settings for you, and may display any of the following warnings:
    • BLUR. The shutter speed might not be fast enough to freeze motion in your picture.
    • SHAKE. At the speed you are shooting, camera shake can be an issue. Use a tripod if possible.
    • TRIPOD. Since the shutter speed is very slow use a tripod or place the camera in a static base to avoid blurry photos.
    • FOCUS. The f-Stop selected does not provide enough depth-of-field to guarantee that all the subjects in your photo will be in focus.
    • GRAINY. When selecting a high ISO, you get more light for increased shutter speed or depth-of-field, but your photo will be grainy. This becomes a problem if you want to enlarge the resulting prints.
  5. (Optional) Use the "Fine Tune" area to adjust the Shutter Speed, Depth-of-Field (f-Stop) and ISO parameters. By moving the sliders to the right, you provide more light to that category and may get rid of a warning. In some cases you will need to decide the trade-offs you are willing to make.
  6. Enter the settings into your camera and start taking pictures!

The application normally balances the parameters to give you the correct exposure for the Exposure Value you selected in "Lighting Conditions". To overexpose or underexpose a particular photo, tap the "Unlock" button and adjust the sliders - you will see the target exposure change accordingly. You can then "Lock" the application to a different exposure target.

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