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Q: What setting do I enter if I am using a zoom lens with a range (like 28-200mm)?

A: Calculate the parameters for both the minimum and maximum range of your lens - this way you will understand what happens to the different parameters (depth-of-field, for example), when you are zooming in and out of a subject.

Q: I can't find my camera in the database - what do I do?

A: Look at your camera's technical specification in the owner's manual or online for the sensor size/format of your camera. Use the "Other" category to see the generic sensor sizes and select the one that best matches yours. Also - please let us know, we're constantly updating and adding to our database and we would love to hear from you!

Q: I took a picture using the recommended settings and it's too dark/too light?

A: Tap the "Unlock" button to unlock the target exposure and set to a different number. If your picture was too dark, set it to "Overexpose"; if it was too light, set it to "Underexpose".

Q: Sometimes the recommended parameters are outside my camera's range - what do I do?

A: Photo Helper uses a wide range of both shutter speeds and apertures for its recommendations to accommodate a variety of users. Due to this, it is possible that the recommendations presented are outside the possible range for your camera/lens combination (for example, an aperture of f1.4 when your maximum aperture is f2.8). To correct this, simply adjust the appropriate slider in the "Fine Tune" area until you get to a parameter that is appropriate.

Q: I have a suggestion or feedback on the app - who do I send it to?

A: Our goal is to make it simpler for people to take better pictures and extract the maximum value from their cameras. Please send us an email at - we would love to hear from you!

Q: I love the app! How can I ever thank you for building it?

A: If you like the application, we'd appreciate your help on spreading the word. Please rate it and provide feedback on the App Store. Feedback keeps us very motivated as we work on the next version!

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